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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Back in Training...

Yes, you're right, its been a while.  We have to confess to being somewhat distracted after the completion of the last challenge, but there are have now been some developments. Firstly, we are intending to participate in the 2012 Isle of Wight Randonee event, on Sunday 6th April. You may recall that Mike and I completed this last year as part of our training for the summer and we found it rather hard going. We will know what we are up against and hopefully we will make a better job of it this year. We have teamed up with ASDA at Havant once again and on this ride we will be raising awareness for 'Everyman', one of ASDA's nominated charities. We wil also be collecting in store this weekend, hoping to raise in excess of £500 for this particular cause. Come and support us if you can.

Secondly we have been in discussions with the ABF for a little while now and we are planning an event this autumn to raise some cash for them. As things stand we intend to start in Portsmouth this time, riding for 5 days and finishing in Liverpool. We are in the early stages of the planning process at present and things might change, I will provide more dertail in the next post.

So, training then. Last Sunday we ventured out as a trio the fisrt time this year. We were joined by fellow South Downs lecturer Megan for a early morning 20 mile jolly through Clanfield, Corhampton, Hambledon and Denmead.

We set off around 7am and although the weather was bright and clear, the temperature was less than 7Âșc, resulting in numb fingers and toes for the first few miles. Some feeling returned after a couple of climbs, certainly in our fingers, toes were a bit more of an issue. Still, at least it wasn't raining. For the boys a certain lack of fitness most evident on the hills (Megan seemingly had no trouble) and apart from a near miss when a dear lept out onto the road in front of me, the ride passed without incident. It was great to be back out as a team again, but with only just over a week to the Randonee, I don't think we will be breaking any records...